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Staten Island is one of the five boroughs that make up the New York metropolitan area. It is located southwest of Manhattan and borders the state of New Jersey on the north and west sides of the island, separated by the Arthur Kill and Kill Van Kull rivers.

Among the five boroughs, Staten Island has the smallest population of all. According to the 2020 census, the district has a total of 475,596 inhabitants, despite being one of the largest in terms of territory.

However, despite having a smaller population than the other boroughs of the city, accidents in Staten Island are also very common, with high numbers of injuries, especially in traffic and construction accidents.

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The most dangerous Staten Island accidents

In Staten Island, all types of accidents are common and can result in high numbers of injuries. However, there are certain types that tend to be more dangerous, so it is important to have the legal help of an accident lawyer to overcome the situation without problems.

Some of the most dangerous types of Staten Island accidents are as follows:

  • Traffic accidents: According to official statistics, a total of 1,054 traffic accidents were recorded on Staten Island in 2019, resulting in at least some 208 injuries, and although there were no fatalities, there are an estimated 17 traffic fatalities per year on Staten Island.
    • Construction accidents: Due to the amount of heavy machinery and tools that are often used in construction work, construction accidents can cause serious injuries to workers.
  • Personal injuries: Personal injury accidents are also very common in Staten Island and can result in serious injuries, depending on where they occur and what causes them.

In any Staten Island accident case, there are laws that protect the rights of victims, which may even allow the injured person to receive millions in compensation for the damages he or she has suffered. With the help of our accident lawyers at Law4you, the process of claiming this compensation will be much more effective.

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How to act in case of an accident in Staten Island?

Generally, in New York City there is a maximum time limit for taking legal action after being the victim of an accident, which of course also applies to Staten Island accidents. For this reason, it is important that, once an injury occurs, immediate action is taken to receive the benefits established by law.

No matter the type of accident, the most important thing will always be your health. Therefore, the first thing to do is to seek immediate medical attention, so that a doctor can evaluate the damage you have suffered as a result of the event.

In addition, so that your medical and injury expenses are not a concern, contact our accident law firm Law4you immediately. We will take care of the legal part of the case, securing for you each of the benefits that the law establishes according to the characteristics of the accident you have suffered.

Staten Island, NY Accident Lawyers

Remember, if you have been injured in Staten Island accidents, the law provides you with rights that help you cope without major worries. It doesn’t matter your immigration status or if you speak Spanish. With the help of our lawyers you will be able to fully know your rights as a victim, and act legally to defend them before the necessary authorities.

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