4 errors that will make you lose compensation as a victim of workplace accidents

As a victim of workplace accidents, you have the right to receive a series of benefits that can help you minimize the impact of your injuries and recover as quickly as possible, such as compensation. However, there are also certain steps that are important to follow to ensure your access to those benefits. Failing to follow any of these steps can be a fatal mistake.

Our Law4you lawyers are aware of how difficult it can be for a worker to act legally after suffering a workplace accident, especially when they are Latino and unaware of the laws and regulations that protect them as victims. This can also lead them to make mistakes that could prevent them from receiving the compensation they legally deserve.

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What are the errors to avoid when suffering workplace accidents?

As a victim of workplace accidents in New York, there are certain errors that can harm you when claiming the benefits that you are entitled to by law, so it is important to make sure you avoid them at all costs.

The 4 errors to avoid when receiving compensation for workplace accidents are:

1. Not reporting the accident

Once the accident occurs, the first thing you should do is report it to your supervisor or boss so that they can initiate the process that will lead you to receive the compensation that corresponds to your case through the insurance company with which the company works.

Remember that regardless of your immigration status, as a victim of workplace accidents, you have the right to receive millionaire compensation that covers each of the expenses that arise from the incident, in order to reduce the impact it may have on your work and economic life.

2. Not requesting medical assistance

In many cases, victims who see that they did not suffer very serious injuries avoid requesting immediate medical assistance after the accident. This error can complicate the process of claiming appropriate benefits in the case, since there will be no medical report that validates the victim’s health status after the accident.

It is important that after suffering injuries from workplace accidents, you make sure to request adequate medical assistance, not only to ensure access to your compensation, but also to avoid possible injuries that may worsen your health status due to not receiving timely treatment.

3. Not collecting evidence from the case

When taking legal action to claim compliance with your rights and the compensation you legally deserve, it is important that you have sufficient evidence to support your case and act legally to ensure the benefits that correspond to you.

As evidence, you can use photographs, videos, audio recordings, and even testimonies from people who witnessed the accident. All of this will help give more weight to your statements and ensure the millionaire compensation you deserve.

4. Not taking legal action for fear of reprisals

Our Law4you lawyers are accustomed to hearing stories from workers who, out of fear of reprisals and losing their jobs, avoid taking legal action after becoming victims of workplace accidents.

Keep in mind that as a victim of workplace injuries, you have every right to defend yourself legally and work with the support of lawyers who help you claim the benefits you deserve. In addition, your employer cannot take reprisals against you; on the contrary, they must grant you compensation that covers your injuries and each of the expenses that arise as a consequence.

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Why do I need labor lawyers when I suffer a workplace accident?

In cases of workplace accidents, while you have the right to receive compensation that allows you to cover the expenses of your injuries, there are certain obstacles that may arise and complicate access to the benefits you deserve, whether by your employer or insurance company.

To avoid these types of setbacks, you must make sure to have the legal support of a good team of labor lawyers. If you were a victim of a workplace accident in New York, your case could be #ACaseForLaw4You.

Call now at 8559052949 or schedule an appointment with our lawyers who are willing to fight for compliance with your rights as a victim with the necessary aggressiveness to ensure the millionaire compensation you legally deserve. If we don’t win your case, you won’t pay a penny. Contact us now!