Workers’ Compensation in New York City: 5 Expenses You Can Cover

When you are the victim of a workplace accident in New York City, the law protects your rights by giving you the opportunity to receive workers’ compensation to cover each of the expenses related to the accident. For this, you can always count on the support of our labor lawyers at Law4you, who will defend your rights in any instance.

According to official figures, New York City is one of the cities that reports the highest number of injured workers per year, especially in industries that represent a significant risk, such as construction.

If you were the victim of a work accident in New York City, you probably need legal help from labor lawyers to get the workers’ compensation you deserve. If so, you should not hesitate to contact our team at Law4you by calling 8559052949, in order to receive the free legal attention you need.

What is workers’ compensation?

In the city of New York, as in other places in the United States, the Workers’ Compensation Law applies, which establishes that all employers must guarantee their workers the access to a work insurance, to provide compensation to the worker in case they suffer an accident related to their work tasks.

With this compensation you will not have to worry about any of the expenses that may arise as a consequence of your injuries, because through it you will be able to cover them without any problems.

Although this is a right that applies to all workers in the city of New York, regardless of their immigration status, there are times when there may be certain inconveniences that delay the process, or that grant a lower amount than the one established by law.

In these cases, you have nothing to worry about. With the help of our labor lawyers, you will have the opportunity to claim every one of the rights that the law gives you as a worker in New York, in order to receive the workers’ compensation you deserve.

What expenses does workers’ compensation in New York cover?

The workers’ compensation you should receive as a victim of a work accident in New York City should cover every single expense caused by your injuries, so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than your full and prompt recovery.

Here are 5 of the main expenses that workers’ compensation in New York should cover:

Medical Care

Depending on the magnitude of the work accident you suffered, it is possible that the injuries resulting from the accident are serious and require special medical procedures, which can be very expensive.

Through workers’ compensation you will be able to receive payment for each of these procedures, in order to recover the money for each of the procedures required to preserve your health after the accident.

Ambulance Transfers

When the injuries at work are serious, you may not even be able to move from the place, so the presence of an ambulance is necessary. However, many times workers avoid having these services called, in order to avoid more expenses than their recovery requires.

With workers’ compensation, the worker will not have to worry about the expenses that this emergency vehicle may generate, since they will also be included in the benefits provided by this law for injured workers.

Prescription Drugs

When receiving medical attention, the treating doctor may prescribe a series of medications to speed up the worker’s recovery, which may also be so expensive that they may be out of the worker’s budget.

These expenses are also included in the worker’s compensation that the worker will receive, so that the recovery process can be smooth and safe.

Lost wages

In the event that the accident prevents the worker from resuming his work activities immediately, losing the opportunity to receive part of his salary, through the workers’ compensation the worker will be able to recover the amount that he has not received as a consequence of the accident.

For these cases it is important that the worker has the necessary documentation to make the claim legally, such as his labor contract, medical report indicating the time he was unable to work, among others.

Work incapacity

Another possibility is that, if the accident is very serious, the treating physician may indicate a temporary or permanent work disability for the worker, preventing them from returning to work immediately after the event in which they suffered the work-related injuries.

In these cases, the workers’ compensation claim must include the expenses related to the type of disability granted to the worker, whether permanent or temporary.

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