6 tips to avoid injuries in construction accidents

Among the types of accidents that a worker can be a victim of, construction accidents can be the most serious due to the large amount of heavy machinery and tools that are usually required to carry out the tasks in this sector. In these cases, having labor lawyers is essential.

According to a study conducted by the New York City Occupational Safety and Health Committee, known as NYCOSH, in 2020 a total of 41 workers died in the construction sector, representing a fatality rate of 11.1 per 100,000 workers.

In most cases, this type of accident can be avoided if each of the safety rules and recommendations established for construction is followed, with which workers can perform their duties without major risks and without the danger of suffering serious accidents.

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How to avoid injuries in construction accidents in NY?

In the construction sector, there are many risks that can endanger the health and integrity of workers. However, there are also many rules and regulations that can greatly reduce this risk, so it is important to follow them thoroughly to avoid injuries that can put your life at risk.

Some of the tips that can help you avoid construction accidents in NY are:

  1. Comply with prevention rules

As mentioned earlier, in the construction sector there are many rules that can help prevent any accident that endangers the integrity of workers. It is important that as a worker, you know each one of them and make sure to follow them in their entirety. This way you can avoid any accident that may cause serious injuries.

  1. Make sure to receive training

Before carrying out any type of work in construction, it is ideal that you have sufficient knowledge about the process to follow, as well as the handling of any type of tool that you need to use. If there is something you do not know, request training so that you can avoid accidents that may put your health and integrity at risk.

  1. Know safety procedures

In every construction project there must be safety procedures that allow workers to act in cases of emergencies, accidents or situations that endanger their integrity or that of the entire team. It is important that you know each one of these procedures, so that you know how to respond to possible accidents that may affect your integrity as a worker.

  1. Verify instrument conditions

Whether you are going to use heavy machinery or tools in your work activities, it is important to verify the good condition of each of these instruments beforehand. Any failure or defect in their assembly can be the cause of an accident with serious injuries.

  1. Demand workplace inspection

Just as it is important to verify the condition of the tools and machinery that will be used in the work, it is also necessary to verify the good condition of the place where the construction will take place. Sometimes, the poor condition of the terrain, among other elements, can also cause serious accidents that can put the worker’s life at risk.

  1. Verify the condition of defenses and supports

When construction work is carried out on high-rise building structures, it is important to verify that the defenses and separators are in good condition. Any defect or poorly assembled part can lead to slips and falls that can cause significant injuries to the worker.

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