Can I File a Lawsuit with Labor Lawyers if I Suffered Injuries at Work?

When you suffer from work accidents, the law provides you with the opportunity to access a series of benefits that will cover each of the expenses that arise from the accident, including medical care and treatments required for your recovery. But what if those benefits are denied to you? Can you file a labor lawsuit to assert your rights?

While in most cases the law prohibits workers from filing a labor lawsuit against their employer in exchange for the delivery of a multimillion-dollar compensation, sometimes it is possible to take drastic measures when labor rights are violated.

In this article, we tell you how you can act with the help of labor lawyers to defend your rights as an injured worker in work accidents, as well as the situations in which the law could allow you to proceed with a labor lawsuit.

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When is it possible to file a labor lawsuit for work accidents?

In states where the workers’ compensation law applies, the injured worker has limitations when it comes to filing a labor lawsuit for their case, because their employer will be responsible for their injuries, granting them a workers’ compensation that covers each of the expenses related to the incident and that will be processed through their contracted insurer.

However, there are occasions when the worker may have the right to file a labor lawsuit for their injuries, thus having the opportunity to increase the amount that they are entitled to receive as workers’ compensation by law.

For example, if a worker suffered an accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, whether it be the head of a department, a contractor, or even the employer themselves, they have the right to file a labor lawsuit, which will allow them to expand the benefits that they are entitled to receive by law.

What are the benefits of filing a labor lawsuit for work accidents?

By filing a labor lawsuit for work injuries, you can not only receive the compensation that you are entitled to cover essential expenses arising from the accident but also include other important amounts that may arise after suffering injuries.

If workers’ compensation typically allows you to recover expenses for medical care, prescribed medications, lost wages, etc., by filing a labor lawsuit, you can also claim payment for expenses such as:

  • Future health problems related to your injuries.
  • Rehabilitation therapies for your injuries.
  • Pain and suffering.

Each of these expenses may appear after the accident, and even after receiving the required medical attention. By filing a labor lawsuit with the help of labor lawyers, you can ensure access to these benefits and many more.

Why is the help of labor lawyers necessary?

Considering that the workers’ compensation law prohibits drastic legal actions such as filing a labor lawsuit, when considering doing so, it is important to ensure that you have appropriate support from a team of labor lawyers.

This way, in addition to having legal support when defending your case before a court, you can also learn about your rights and each of the legal processes that you must follow to ensure the success of your lawsuit.

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