Can I file a lawsuit with personal injury lawyers after suffering injuries in NY?

In cases of personal injury in New York, a victim may have the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the responsible party, provided that a proper legal process is carried out with the help of accident lawyers, where it is possible to determine the causes that led to the accident and the magnitude of the consequences that the incident may have caused.

What cases can be considered personal injuries in New York?

Although personal injuries can occur in any type of accident, such as work accidents or traffic accidents, there are certain types of incidents that can be specifically considered personal injuries. Some of these cases may include falls and slips or pedestrian accidents.

Can I file a lawsuit after personal injury accidents?

As a victim of personal injury in New York, the law provides you with the opportunity to take legal action to receive important benefits that help minimize the impact that this incident may have on your life, such as a millionaire compensation that covers each of the expenses that may arise after the accident. 

However, if the accident case was caused by the clear negligence of a person, whether it is the owner of a place or the person in charge, you will be able to file a lawsuit to obtain full compensation, which includes other important expenses that the lawyer deems pertinent to your case.

What is required to file a lawsuit for personal injury with accident lawyers?

To present an effective lawsuit in an accident case, with the legal support of a team of accident lawyers, it is necessary to have as much evidence as possible that allows us to demonstrate the veracity of the accident case suffered. Evidence such as photographs, videos, testimonies from people who witnessed the incident, medical reports, and police reports can be presented.

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