How to increase your workers’ compensation with the help of Law4you lawyers?

In a work accident, one of the rights you can access as a victim is a substantial compensation that will help you cover each of the expenses that arise as a result of the incident. But, is it possible to increase the amount you are entitled to receive? With the help of our Law4you lawyers, this is possible.

At Law4you, we know very well the legal process that you must follow as a victim, and we know how to act so that you can increase the benefits that your case may qualify for, so that you can recover from your injuries without problems.

If you suffered a work accident in New York, then you have #ACaseForLaw4you. With the legal assistance of our aggressive lawyers, you can have the opportunity to access every benefit that you deserve as a victim, including the substantial compensation that you deserve.

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What expenses does workers’ compensation cover?

Workers’ compensation should cover all expenses that arise as a result of the accident, including medical care and those related to benefits that may be lost after the accident.

In general, some of the main expenses that workers’ compensation covers are:

– Medical care

– Prescribed medications

– Clinical studies

– Ambulance transfers

– Rehabilitation therapies

– Lost wages

– Lost benefits

– Expenses for partial or permanent disability

Each of these expenses can be recovered through workers’ compensation that you are entitled to receive as a victim, which can be received through the insurer that your employer has hired for this type of incident.

Can the value of workers’ compensation be increased?

Although the value of compensation is calculated based on the expenses generated by the accident, such as those mentioned above, in some cases it is possible to recover a higher amount through certain details that allow the victim to file a lawsuit for higher compensation.

For example, if the accident case was caused by the irresponsibility or negligence of an important labor figure, either the employer or a supervisor at the workplace, the victim has the right to file a labor lawsuit that will allow them to obtain a higher amount as compensation for the injuries suffered in the incident.

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How does Law4you act when increasing your work accident compensation?

Although in most cases of work accidents, workers’ compensation law prevents the worker from filing a labor lawsuit in exchange for receiving the benefit of compensation, at Law4you we can help you determine if you deserve a higher amount than your case applies for.

Our accident lawyers will thoroughly investigate the causes of your work accident case to determine if there is any responsibility of any labor figure that may have influenced the accident.

If so, you may have the opportunity to claim a substantial amount as workers’ compensation, which may include other expenses such as pain and suffering caused by the accident and injuries suffered.

If you were a victim of a work accident in New York, yours may be #ACaseForLaw4you. Contact us today at 8559052949, or schedule an appointment so that our lawyers can attend to your case and determine the best way to increase the workers’ compensation that you deserve to receive as a victim.