I suffered a work accident and my boss doesn’t respond to my injuries. Can I file a lawsuit?

When a work accident occurs, by law the victim must receive compensation from the insurance company that their employer has contracted. But what happens in cases where the employer does not respond to the worker’s injuries? Is it possible to file a lawsuit?

Although these types of situations are not very frequent, they can occur on occasion. It is important that the victim can count on adequate legal support to follow the path that will lead them to receive all their benefits, without any type of injustice that may affect the case.

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Can I file a lawsuit if I suffered a work accident?

Many victims of work accidents often have this doubt, and initially the answer is negative, since the Workers’ Compensation law establishes it. This law, in exchange for providing compensation that covers the victim’s expenses in case of an accident, prohibits filing a lawsuit against the employer.

However, in some cases, a lawsuit may be an alternative for the injured worker, such as when the employer does not respond to the worker’s injuries or directly denies access to the compensation they deserve by law.

In these cases, the victim has the right to file a lawsuit demanding compliance with their rights as an injured worker, including the millionaire compensation they are entitled to receive by law.

What benefits can I receive by filing a lawsuit?

In addition to compensation that will cover all expenses generated by the accident, such as medical care, prescribed medications, rehabilitation therapies, clinical studies, and lost wages, a lawsuit would allow the victim to claim other payments that could significantly increase the total amount of compensation, such as:

  • Payments for moral damages
  • Pain and suffering caused by the injuries
  • Future injuries from the accident

It is important to note that in order to achieve success in the lawsuit and obtain all the benefits that the victim deserves, the help of labor lawyers is essential.

Why do I need to work with labor lawyers to file a labor lawsuit?

When a work accident occurs, it is essential to have the support of labor lawyers if you plan to file a lawsuit for your injuries.

A good team of labor lawyers can help you follow the appropriate legal path to obtain all the benefits you deserve through a labor lawsuit, as well as collect all the evidence necessary to prove the veracity of your injuries before any legal authority.

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