The key to obtaining compensation as a victim of car accidents in NY

In cases of car accidents in New York, the injuries you can suffer as a result can be extremely serious, to the point of putting your life at risk if you do not receive adequate medical attention in time. However, if you have the proper support of a team of traffic accident lawyers, you can have the opportunity to access a millionaire compensation, regardless of your current immigration status.

According to figures provided by the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT), in 2021 there were around 270 cases of people who lost their lives due to traffic accidents, which represented a slight increase compared to the 243 that occurred in 2020.

The problem with these types of cases is that, many times, especially when it comes to victims of Latin origin, they do not follow the legal process that corresponds after an accident of this magnitude, losing the opportunity to receive a millionaire compensation that can cover all the expenses generated by the accident.

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Can I opt for compensation as a victim of car accidents?

As a victim of car accidents in New York, you have rights that allow you to minimize the impact that you may suffer as a consequence, including a millionaire compensation that allows you to cover each of the expenses that this type of event usually generates in the life of a victim.

No matter what your immigration status is in the country, as a victim, the law defends you and gives you the right to act to claim your compensation. With our legal support, your rights will be more than guaranteed.

What do I need to access compensation for car accidents in NY?

To be able to obtain the compensation that you deserve as a victim, after a car accident, the process can often become complicated for different reasons. That is why it is important that, in addition to following a series of steps that will lead you to ensure your access to different benefits, you can count on the proper support of a team of car accident lawyers in NY.

By having the legal assistance of car accident lawyers, you can have the opportunity to know each of your rights, as well as the legal processes that will lead you to receive the appropriate benefits according to the magnitude of your injuries and the accident.

In addition, it will also be much easier to collect the necessary evidence from the case, with which it will be possible to determine the causes of the incident and file a lawsuit to assert your rights, if necessary.

What expenses does compensation for car accidents cover?

In general, compensation for car accidents can cover all expenses that arise from this type of accident, such as medical care and each of the studies that are necessary to achieve the complete recovery of the victim.

Some of the most common expenses that may be covered are:

  • Medical care
  • Prescribed medications
  • Clinical studies
  • Ambulance transfers
  • Rehabilitation therapies
  • Material expenses
  • Pain and suffering

In addition, with the help of a good team of car accident lawyers, you can even add other expenses to the compensation, such as those that may arise from the pain and suffering caused by the injuries from the accident.

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At Law4you we fight for your rights as a victim

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