What is the time limit to file a claim for work injuries?

When a work accident occurs, there are many legal options that can be taken, including a claim for work injuries, which would facilitate the way to receive a million-dollar compensation. But, is there a time limit to take this type of legal action in the event of a work accident?

In most cities in the United States, there are established times to take legal action in certain cases, such as those related to injuries caused by accidents of any kind.

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Can I sue my employer for work injuries?

Generally, in cases of work accidents, victims are not allowed to sue their employer, due to what is established in the Workers’ Compensation law, which establishes that every worker injured by work accidents must have access to compensation that covers each of the expenses arising from the accident.

The thing is that this compensation prevents the injured person from taking legal action against their employer or supervisor. However, there are certain details that could enable a victim to take legal action in these types of accidents.

For example, if the accident was caused by the employer’s or supervisor’s negligence, or if either of these two figures refuses to legally respond for the employee’s injuries, it is possible that the victim can take legal action that would lead them to claim a higher compensation than they are entitled to.

What is the time limit to claim workers’ compensation in New York?

As mentioned earlier, when you suffer a work accident, you have a maximum amount of time to take legal action if you consider that your case is not being handled correctly according to the law.

This time limit depends on the state you are in. In the case of New York, you have up to 30 days after the accident to take the main step which is reporting the accident to your employer or supervisor.

Once you have made the report, if you consider that your rights are not being respected, you have a limit of two years to file a workers’ compensation claim, in which you can demand respect for your rights, as long as you have the legal support of a good team of labor lawyers.

What benefits can I receive by filing a workers’ compensation claim?

By filing a workers’ compensation claim, in addition to the expenses that this benefit normally covers, such as the medical care you need, prescribed medications, lost wages, etc., you can also receive payments for:

– Pain and suffering.

– Moral damages.

– Expenses for future injuries as a result of the accident.

Each of these expenses must be added to the total amount that corresponds to you as a victim, in addition to others that your lawyer may determine, according to the characteristics of the accident and the evidence that can be obtained.

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