What type of evidence is required to file a lawsuit for a work accident?

Sometimes, a work accident can enable a victim to file a lawsuit in order to increase the compensation value they are entitled to by law. But, in what cases is this possible? Do you need the support of labor lawyers? Is any type of evidence required?

There are many questions that can arise regarding this topic. That’s why in this article we tell you everything you need to know to file a lawsuit for a work accident, so you can have the opportunity to receive a higher amount as compensation, which will allow you to recover all the expenses caused by the accident.

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Can a lawsuit be filed after a work accident?

According to the Workers’ Compensation Law, an injured worker cannot file a lawsuit against their employer. Instead, they must receive compensation that will cover all expenses arising from their injuries, including medical care, prescribed medications, etc.

However, in certain cases, there may be characteristics that allow the victim to file a lawsuit against their employer. For this, it is important to have the support of a team of labor lawyers who can help clarify the causes that led to the accident and if it is possible to proceed legally with a lawsuit.

In what cases is it possible to file a labor lawsuit?

The cases in which a labor lawsuit can be filed for work accidents are those in which the employer, supervisor, or any other figure superior to the injured worker plays an important role in the causes of the victim’s accident.

Some cases where a labor lawsuit could be filed for a work accident are:

– Accidents that occur due to lack of worker training

– Falls due to failures in the structure of scaffolding in construction

– Injuries due to repetitive work

– Falls or slips due to debris accumulated at a work site

– Failures in safety equipment when performing a risky work task

– Malfunctioning machinery or tools

In each of these cases, as a victim, you have enough reasons to file a labor lawsuit, which will lead you to receive a millionaire compensation, whose amount could exceed what you really deserve according to the magnitude of your injuries.

Evidence you need to file a lawsuit for a work accident

For the labor lawsuit you are going to file to be successful, it is important that you make sure to have all the necessary evidence with which you can support your statements and demonstrate that your lawsuit has enough arguments to obtain a favorable result.

Some of the evidence that can serve in these cases are:

– Photographs

– Videos

– Audio recordings

– Testimonies from people who witnessed the accident

– Clinical studies

– Medical reports

As well as any other document that can serve as proof of the injuries suffered as a result of the work accident in question. Keep in mind that if you do not have this evidence, a team of labor lawyers can advise you on how to obtain them as soon as possible for your lawsuit.

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