How to obtain maximum compensation for a dog bite that left you with scars or sequelae?

Dog bites can be traumatic experiences that leave not only physical scars but also emotional and financial sequelae. If you have suffered a dog bite that has left visible scars or any type of sequelae, it is crucial that you know your rights and seek the maximum compensation you are entitled to for personal injuries.

In this article, we will share some tips you can follow to obtain maximum compensation in a dog bite case, especially in those cases where the injuries are severe enough to cause permanent sequelae or other damages.

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What kind of sequelae can a dog bite cause?

A dog bite can cause a variety of sequelae, which can vary in severity depending on the strength of the attack and the affected body area. Some possible sequelae of a dog bite include:

  • Scars and disfigurement.
  • Muscle injuries and nerve damage.
  • Torn tendons.
  • Infections or diseases.
  • Emotional and psychological trauma.

Each of these sequelae can be of high severity, and even cause strong pain and discomfort after the fact. With the help of a good personal injury lawyer, you will have the opportunity to claim multimillion-dollar compensation that will cover these and many other expenses related to the accident.

What does compensation for dog bite sequelae cover?

When a person suffers injuries from a dog bite, there are many expenses that can arise from the incident, especially when it leaves sequelae. Some of the most important expenses that the victim can recover through compensation are:

  • Medical expenses: Compensation can cover medical expenses associated with the treatment of injuries caused by the bite, such as surgeries, hospitalization, medications, physical and psychological therapy, as well as any other necessary medical care. This includes both current and future expenses related to the recovery process.
  • Physical and emotional damage: Through compensation, the victim can recover expenses for physical damage suffered, such as visible scars, deformities, loss of function in a body part or any other type of permanent disability. In addition, it is also possible to recover the emotional and psychological trauma resulting from the bite, including mental suffering, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety.
  • Loss of income: If the victim has experienced temporary or permanent disability to work as a result of the sequelae of the bite, compensation can cover the loss of income suffered. This can include both past wage loss and future income that will be affected due to the inability to work or the need to change jobs due to injuries.
  • Moral damages: In some cases, compensation for moral damages may be awarded to compensate for emotional suffering and mental distress caused by the dog bite and resulting sequelae. These damages may include loss of enjoyment of life, mental distress, shame or public humiliation.

You must keep in mind that as a victim, it is important that you act immediately to ensure your access to the benefits you deserve, including the multimillion-dollar compensation that will allow you to recover each of the aforementioned expenses, among others that apply to your case.

How to obtain maximum compensation in these cases?

To obtain maximum compensation for a dog bite that leaves scars or sequelae, it is essential to follow some key steps, such as seeking immediate medical attention and thoroughly documenting all your injuries and medical treatments. This includes taking photographs of the wounds, keeping a detailed record of medical consultations, bills and prescriptions, and collecting medical reports that support the extent and severity of your injuries.

Likewise, it is essential that you can count on the support of a personal injury lawyer. These types of professionals will guide you through the necessary legal process, evaluating the value of your case, and even helping you gather solid evidence to support your claim.

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How long do I have to file a lawsuit for a dog bite in New York?

In the state of New York, you generally have a three-year period to file a lawsuit for a dog bite. This period is subject to the state’s statute of limitations, so it is recommended that you consult with your lawyer immediately after suffering the bite.

Who is responsible in a dog bite case?

In a dog bite case in New York, responsibility primarily falls on the dog owner. According to state laws, dog owners are responsible for any damage or injury caused by their pets, even if the dog did not have a previous history of aggressive behavior. This means that the owner may be held responsible for paying medical expenses, physical and emotional damages, and other costs associated with the bite.

What happens if the dog that bit me has no owner or is a stray dog?

If the dog that bit you has no owner or is a stray dog, the situation can become more complicated in terms of liability. Generally, as we mentioned before, responsibility falls on the owner of the dog if they can be identified and located. However, in cases of stray or unidentified dogs, it may be more difficult to seek compensation.

In any case, it is essential that you have the support of a good team of accident lawyers who, after a thorough investigation of the facts, can help you determine responsibilities in your case. Call us at 8559052949 and get ready to receive the compensation you deserve!