5 work accidents in which it is possible to claim compensation with lawyers for free

In the workplace, there are many risks that can endanger the health and integrity of the victim, especially when the minimum security measures are not guaranteed to avoid work accidents that can result in serious injuries. However, in the face of this type of event, a victim can claim a million-dollar worker’s compensation with the help of free lawyers. 

Labor compensation, or Worker’s Compensation, is a law that is in force in the majority of the states in the country. This law obliges employers to guarantee access to compensation insurance for their workers, in case they suffer an accident while in the workplace. 

With this compensation, the worker will be able to cover each of the expenses that arise from his injuries, which considerably minimizes the impact it may cause on the personal and economic life of the victim. 

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What expenses does worker’s compensation cover? 

As we mentioned earlier, this compensation must cover each and every expense caused by the injury at your workplace. In this way, if you suffer an injury at work, you will not have to worry about the expenses of your recovery. 

Some of the main expenses covered by workers’ compensation are as follows:

  • Medical attention
  • Prescription medications
  • Rehabilitation therapies
  • Lost wages
  • Missed benefits

Keep in mind that while this benefit can be provided without problems after reporting the accident to your boss or supervisor, there may be certain obstacles that can delay the process or even fail to comply with all of your rights as a victim. To avoid this, it’s important to have the support of free lawyers.

In what cases is it possible to claim compensation with free lawyers?

Actually, the benefit of workers’ compensation applies to any accident that occurs in a work context, including possible illnesses that a worker may develop as a result of their work activities. However, some of the most common work accidents that free lawyers handle are as follows:

  • Falls and slips: These are the most common accidents because there are usually different objects in a workspace that can cause such accidents, or even wet surfaces that, if not properly marked, can lead to serious injuries.
  • Falling objects: Depending on the type of work a worker performs, there may be a risk of falling objects that can cause significant injuries to the head or even the spinal cord. This often happens in the construction sector.
  • Burns and electrocution: Burns and electrocution are also very common work accidents that can occur when handling tools or machinery that is in poor condition, causing injuries that require urgent medical attention to prevent them from worsening.
  • Roof falls: These also tend to occur more often in the construction sector, where work on the roofs of structures is very common. When these spaces do not have the proper safety measures to protect workers from falls, resulting injuries can be extremely serious.
  • Injuries from repetitive work: Repetitive work can also lead to significant injuries for workers. Although these may initially seem minor and insignificant, over time they can lead to worse injuries if adequate medical attention is not received.

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