How to act when suffering from motorcycle accidents in New York?

New York City is the scene of all kinds of traffic accidents every day, and motorcycle accidents are usually one of the most common. Do you know what process you should follow in these cases to obtain benefits? Here we tell you.

According to official figures, a total of 3,827 cases of motorcycle accidents were recorded in New York City in 2018, which caused significant injuries to the victims, to the point of requiring specialized medical attention and expensive medical treatments to achieve a prompt recovery.

Although this type of accident is very common in cities like New York, many people are unaware of the legal process that must be followed after suffering injuries in motorcycle accidents, losing the opportunity to receive the benefits they deserve.

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What are my rights when suffering from motorcycle accidents in New York?

As a victim of a motorcycle accident in New York City, the law enables you to claim benefits that could help you minimize the impact that this fact may generate in your life, and even in your economic stability due to the high cost of medical care that may be necessary for your injuries.

Among the main rights you have as a victim of motorcycle accidents, some of the main ones are:

  • Acting with accident lawyers.
  • Receiving compensation from the responsible party.
  • Filing a lawsuit to demand compliance with your rights.

In each legal process that you decide to take to assert your rights as a victim of motorcycle accidents in New York, it is important that you can count on the support of a good team of accident lawyers, who can help you defend your rights and achieve access to the benefits that you deserve by law.

What to do when being a victim of motorcycle accidents?

As with any other type of accident in the United States, when being a victim of motorcycle accidents, it is important to follow a meticulous process that will lead you to ensure access to each of the benefits established by law for your case.

Firstly, it is important to report the incident to local authorities, who will be responsible for preparing the report that will detail important data about the incident, such as the place, date and time of the accident, magnitude of injuries and damages, among other data that may be important when calculating the value of the benefits you can receive.

In addition, it is important that you contact our Law4you team. Our lawyers are specialists in cases of motorcycle accidents and are willing to provide you with all the legal assistance necessary to assert your rights before any legal instance that may be necessary, until achieving the highest possible compensation.

What expenses does compensation for motorcycle accidents in New York cover?

As a victim of injuries in motorcycle accidents, you may have the opportunity to receive a million-dollar compensation that helps you cover each of the expenses that arise from the accident, thus avoiding that the economic impact can cause imbalances in your life.

Some of the expenses that compensation for motorcycle accidents may cover are:

  • Medical attention
  • Prescribed medications
  • Clinical studies
  • Ambulance transfers
  • Rehabilitation therapies
  • Material expenses

In addition, by having the appropriate support from a team of accident lawyers in New York, you can even add to your compensation expenses related to pain and suffering that may be caused by injuries suffered in the accident, even after having recovered.

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At Law4you we defend your rights against motorcycle accidents

Our lawyers know your rights as a victim of motorcycle accidents in New York and are willing to help you assert them before any instance. At Law4you we are not just another law firm. Every case we take on is defended with a deep commitment, fighting for our clients’ rights until achieving the best results.

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